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System Requirements
HeLD is available as a C++ source file which can [theoretically] compiled for almost any system. To use the precompiled binary file (.exe) you will need a 32bit Windows operating system.
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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)
HeLD is an open source application, released under the GNU GPL. HeLD was created in C++ using Borland Free Command Line Tools. For more information see the Manual.
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SourceForge.net LogoHTML eBay Listing Designer (HeLD) Jason Jacques 2005. HeLD is released under the GNU General Public License. HeLD and its author(s) are not associated with eBay in any way. HeLD is dependant on the continued operation of the SourceForge on which many dependant files are stored. The author can not be held accountable for the continued operation of these servers, nor for the continued existence of the required files on them. HeLD comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY (See the GNU GPL for more information).